Wildlife Conservation Safaris

Become an active participant in protecting Africa’s wildlife

A wildlife conservation safari in Africa invites you to become an active participant in protecting the continent’s critically endangered animals. From a hands-on rhino notching experience to documenting the behavior of wild dogs on foot, there are a multitude of ways to get involved and give back during your safari.

A truly meaningful and impactful experience, a conservation safari opens your eyes to the impact your holiday can have on the lives of the people and wildlife of your chosen destination. Join professionals on the ground to understand the bigger picture of conservation and gain insight into how lodges and local communities work together behind the scenes to safeguard the continent’s rare and exotic wildlife.

Dedicated to responsible travel, our team of experts have crafted a set of pioneering wildlife conservation safaris that place you in the heart of the action. Depending on which experience you are interested in, our dedicated team will craft a one-of-a-kind conservation safari for you using our carefully selected suppliers to help you leave a positive legacy in Africa.

Wild Dog Research– Laikipia, Kenya

For the adventurous traveler, you can track and monitor Africa’s elusive and endangered wild dog on a 3-day tracking expedition deep into the Laikipia wilderness. This unique mobile safari experience with Laikipia Wilderness Camps, assisting in collecting data from wild dog sightings for the Laikipia Predator Project.

Lion Conservation – Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania

If you’re staying at andBeyond Ngorongoro Crater Lodge, join the KopeLion team on a half day excursion to discover how they are working to reconnect the divided Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti lion sub-population in order to ensure their long-term survival. The experience includes monitoring the Panthera camera traps alongside a KopeLion researcher and meeting a KopeLion ‘Ilchokuti’ (lion guardians) who will talk about his work that entails both working with the local communities, and protecting lions.